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Impact3 Photography is a wedding photography studio designed for the person looking for something different! We offer a mixed style of shooting that allows us to create incredible final products for your cherished memories.

Photographer Sean Connelly comes from an extensive background shooting in the commercial and fashion industries for over 15 years. After being asked by friends to document their wedding, and batting his eyes in disbelief, he realized that people are looking for the non traditional approach to their images and the skills that he brings. His professionalism and eye to detail are what make him a fantastic photographer, and his "nothing is impossible" approach is why brides choose him to capture their moments.

Once asked by a prospective client how he would best describe his style his answer was simple. "Your looking for someone to capture your day in a way that when you go back and look at your album 10 years later it will remind you of that day as if it was yesterday. The details of your gown, the flowers in your hand, a portrait of yourself and mother, the first kiss as a married couple, and eveything and everyone that made your day complete. This is the goal of a photographer."

Take a moment to review his online portfolio to get an idea of what Impact3 Photography offers and dont hesistate to contact Sean for any questions that you may have.


Impact3 Photography


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